Hillside Healing Arts

Located at the base of the Boise Foothills, Hillside Healing Arts was established in 2005 as a holistic health service for the community of Boise, Idaho and the surrounding area. Hillside is influenced by the Five Elements of Classical Chinese acupuncture and principles from Zero Balancing bodywork and qigong.

Classical acupuncture and Zero Balancing utilize a person's innate potential to heal and the healing power of nature to guide you to better health and well being. Those who come to Hillside are treated with the highest regard. Confidential treatments are individualized for your particular health concerns and constitution.

Acupuncture, Zero Balancing and qigong work well together or individually to cultivate wellness and to nurture body, mind and spirit.

George Mackie, M.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist
Certified Zero Balancer

George graduated from the Worsley institute of Classical Acupuncture in 1995, received an advanced qualification from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in the U.K., also in 1995, and has been in clinical practice since that time. He received a Master of Acupuncture degree from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in 2001.

George is licensed in the State of Idaho and Nationally Board Certified in acupuncture, by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

As part of his training at the Worsley Institute, George began studying Zero Balancing bodywork with its founder Fritz Smith, M.D. in 1993. He became a Certified Zero Balancer in 1998.

Patient Testimonial

"I am so fortunate that George was referred to me. I had been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for over two and a half years. Receiving treatments from George on an almost weekly basis during this time, utilizing both Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Zero Balancing, along with nutritional therapy, I am grateful to say that both the severe depression and anxiety have dissipated. Not only is George a skilled practitioner, he is a very compassionate, thoughtful and encouraging person, having a strong faith in this process of healing. Knowing that I could rely on his care, concern and support along with the treatments really helped sustain me through very, very difficult times. I am so thankful for this positive outcome and continue to see George for both acupuncture and Zero Balancing. — Rita H.