Winter in the Foothills

The three months of winter are called closing in and preserving.

- The Inner Classic chapter 2:

Winter has resonances with the Water element or phase of seasonal energy in Chinese medicine, as well as with the north, cold, the kidneys, our bones, the salty flavor and the emotion fear.

It is wise to consolidate, guard and preserve our energy during this time of year. Getting more sleep is important and can help reduce fear and anxiety associated with becoming overwhelmed. Restorative practices such as qigong, tai ji and yoga are all excellent ways of nourishing life deepin our core. Even taking a warm bath with salts can be supportive. Keep it simple.

Foods that warm and nourish at this time of the year are best, such as root vegetables, winter squash, onion, garlic, chicken and fish, as are salty foods such as miso and soy sauce. It is best to avoid raw and cold foods.

I find it interesting that the Chinese ideogram for cold, han, represents people covered in straw huddling under a roof.